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RISK can Never be ELIMINATEDHowever... RISK can be MITIGATED and it begins with EDUCATION and TRAINING


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 Our Services

RSC provides corporations, federal agencies, and academic institutions with an
Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) capability to mitigate physical threats, manage security risks (cyber and information), provide security training and human resource solutions, technical/logistics training and emergency planning for security best and next practices​​
People First
Transcend ESRM as part of a comprehensive security program designed to protect people and critical business assets
Strategic Alignment
Change Security Culture
Collabrate for Success
Develop and Inspire
Collaborate with security industry leaders on all facets of security managment and total asset protection
Educate clients on strategies to mitigate loss deriving from physical and cyber security threats

  • University/College/High School Risk Management Audits
  • Pre-Event Risk Mitigation Analysis (Soft Target Analysis)
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Development 
  • Business Vulnerability and Threat Assessments
  • Physical Security and Access Control Measures
  • Management Training Workshops and Seminars
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Cyber Security and Awareness Protocols

​Commercial Verticals

541612      Human Resources Consulting Services
541511      Custom Computer Programming Services
541519      Other Computer Related Services
541611      Administrative Management & General Management
541614      Process, Physical Distribution, & Logistics Consulting
541690      Other Scientific & Technical Consulting Services
561612      Security Guards & Patrol Services
611430      Professional & Management Development Training (Primary NAICS)
611710      Educational Support Services
624190      Other Individual & Family Services
922190      Other Justice, Public Order, & Safety Activities
926150      Regulation, Licensing, & Inspection of Miscellaneous Commercial


Our Partners

RICE Security and Consulting strategically aligns our services with other business organizations to collaborate and provide greater deliverables for the client.


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